Overview of Ordering

We offer several ways to access our baked goods.

  1. Breadshare: Pick up a loaf of bread on Thursday mornings at the Higher Grounds Coffeeshop or Thursday evenings from our location on Empire Grade. For more information, see this page.
  2. Get a subscription for our breads and tarts  (we offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly options). The advantage of the subscription is that you get a better rate ($25 for a bread and a tart) and a delicious surprise, as our sweet and savory tarts change with seasons. Ask for or give a gift subscription of our tarts and breads to your loved ones!
  3. Make one-time orders of pastries from us. Give us a 24-hour notice by calling or sending an email and you can pick up your order from our location on Empire Grade. The price of 1 tart is $22 and 1 bread is $7. Discounts available for large orders (4 tarts and more).
  4. Get catering for your event (e.g. our savory and sweet tarts are an excellent option for breakfasts, hors d’oeuvres or desserts).