Blossom’s Farm in Bonny Doon

Recently we made a visit to Blossom’s Biodynamic Farm here in Bonny Doon.¬†The farmers Delmar McComb and Carin Fortin are growing some of the most amazing vegetables, fruit and herbs. This place is full of many lessons about the connections between community and agriculture.


We were invited by Carin to join the lunch and eat some wonderful food offered by a local chef Lyona who cooks the midday meal on Tuesdays in exchange for access to the produce grown at the farm. The dishes were made exclusively from the products of the farm!


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Foraging in Bonny Doon

I put a call out on Facebook on any available fruit in Bonny Doon for the barter of one of our tarts. Shortly afterwards I received messages from our neighbors with phone numbers and the types of fruit available. With a ladder and containers for picking, I embarked the following day on the trip to meet these gracious hosts together with my family.






It was a true privilege to see how beautifully and fully people live up here! All the pretty wooden houses and the well-attended gardens. I felt so lucky to be living in the community with such generous and kind people. We came home loaded not only with beautiful Bonny Doon-grown fruit but also brimming with the appreciation for the great community spirit and hospitable neighborliness.I hope that the tarts made by Empire Grade Purveyors compliments their gardening efforts.

Plum Tart