Sample Menus



Empanadas with stewed beef and onions

Empanadas with kabocha and onions

Bruschetta with roasted summer tomatoes and pecorino

Summer vegetable tart with sheep’s milk feta


Summer tomato salad with anchovies

Roasted smashed beets with goat cheese, coriander and green onions

Main Course

Corn on the cob roasted in the husk

Roasted squid with summer squash

Hanger steaks, roasted peppers, roasted potatoes and grilled tomatoes with chimichurri sauce


Panqueques (blini) with plum jam and crema


Option 2: MOROCCAN MOTIVES (exclusively vegetarian)


Moroccan-style spiced olives

Roasted almonds with paprika

Olive tapenade on crostini


Moroccan spiced carrot salad with pickled beets

Cucumber salad with garden lettuces, mint and coriander

Main Dish

Early summer vegetables on couscous with preserved lemon and fresh herb yogurt sauce


Strawberry tarts with mint and whipped cream

Option 3

Roasted Moroccan style chicken with local spring vegetables over couscous and a salsa made with yogurt and fresh herbs
Leeks, Cauliflower, and roasted beets over lentils with mirepoix and an Italian Salsa Verde with capers and fresh herbs
Citrus salad with avocado, jicama and fresh herbs

Option 4

Braised Lamb with Polenta, Chick Peas, and Italian Salsa Verde
Green Rice Pilaf with Spring Vegetables, Cilantro and Onions
Ensalada de Arugula with a homemade preserved Meyer lemon vinaigrette and garden herbs