You can get in touch with us via email: empiregradepurveyors[at]gmail[dot]com OR telephone: 471-8884 (local area code).

Pine Flat and Empire


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello,
    We absolutely loved the apricot tart and the savory tart you delivered to the home of our daughter, Valerie, for us to enjoy during our visit the week of August 17. I would very much like to arrange for their family to receive delivery of one tart per week for a limited time. I would like to start delivery on her birthday on September 10. Please let me know if this is possible, or if we can work out a similar arrangement. I would appreciate prices as well. Thank you again for your fresh, organic, tasty products!
    -Ellen (her Mom) – N.J.


  2. Hello Neighbors!
    It’s Gina in Bonny Doon, I just saw your IG pizza post for Saturday?!
    I’d love to get on your pick up schedule if that’s possible!
    Prefer veggie but I’m open for whatever you’re making.
    What a great surprise. Please remind of the price!
    Thank you!


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