Empire Grade Purveyors offers the rural community of Bonny Doon, California freshly-baked artisan bread and pastries prepared in the best traditions of French and California cuisine. Daniel Gallegos is a native of Bonny Doon who spent thirteen years working for Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, as well as traveling around the world as an artist. One of the things he missed upon returning two decades later to Bonny Doon is the ability to walk to your neighborhood bakery for a fresh loaf of bread and a pastry. To remedy this particular quality of life in the Santa Cruz mountains, he provides his neighbors with selected breads and tarts baked in his own oven.

In the age of numerous additives in our food, Daniel works with premium basic ingredients – flour, butter, water, salt. The fruit and vegetables that go into his tarts are sustainably-cultivated, locally-grown and organic.

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